Seaweed here…and seaweed there….

Sailing is about challenges and so far this holiday all had run smoothly. We are anchored in a pool between two islands and last night with stronger wind forecast, we decided to re lay it. We brought up the big hook to find it completely wrapped in seaweed.. a big ball approx 1 m wide. That's all that was keeping us in place. We cleaned and laid it again and settled down for a bit of a lumpy night as several little squalls passed over. Then at 6.15 am, the anchor alarm went off, we looked out and we were moving far too swiftly towards the rocks.
So engine on, we pulled up the anchor so we were free; I didn't check it and we re laid it. It didn't hold. The squalls were frequent, wind gusting at 29/30 knots, rain lashing down. I pulled the anchor up again this time checking to find another humongous ball of weed on it. Sonar depth finder on, checking sea bed for weed we decided to bring out the Fortress anchor and lay that whilst we cleared the weed off the other. It appeared to hold immediately and we heaved a sigh of relief and went down to dry off and get warm. However......we started to drag about ten minutes later, of course coinciding with a squall, I pulled up the anchor and.....yes...a ball of seaweed. So I cleaned it off and was about to re lay it when the engine started to sound odd and run hot. I just threw the anchor back in and thankfully ( crossing fingers still as I write) it held. So Chris tackled the engine, checked for leaks and then checked the water inlet was absolutely stuffed full with........yes......seaweed!
He cleaned it all all up and we ran the engine again, all back to how it should be.. So, we are both warm and dry, have had breakfast and now can see sunshine and blue skies. Ah the joys of being out on the briny!!!!

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