The Gloom

No actual drawn artwork today. Some thought about drowned land and Neolithic cultures; a quick visit to the museum to verify that what I thought we had found..Bronze Age arrowheads are actually Neolithic..unsure whether scrapers or arrowheads, they appear to be similar to the early neolithic leaf arrowhead plus the oblique mid/late Neolithic arrowhead. But these are fractionally larger than those in the museum. Obviously those in the museum were found on the land so are better preserved  and we found these on the shoreline  which means they have been smoothed and polished.
the actual focus of the day was discovering and mending the boat engine..after checking ashore that the impeller was indeed functioning; it seemed the answer lay in a blocked water inlet. After quite a struggle, a large bundle of spaghetti like weed was extricated from the on earth it even was able to host such an amount was beyond us.
Hopefully now we can go forth and explore.
I might add, the title of this refers to the drizzle, wind and greyness of the day. Gusting up to 39 knots at times and constant drizzle, rolling on the mooring, there have been better days.

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