On the Move

We moved from St Helens to St Mary's and still experienced engine issues so the following day was spent thoroughly investigating the fault.It wasn't, as we expected, a damaged impeller but a huge wad of seaweed up the water intake pipe causing a block to any water getting to the engine to cool it.
We met a great bunch of piratey folk off a rather gorgeous lugger, some French some English, in our favourite pub The Mermaid.This pub deserves a post on its own!
The following day we set off to explore St Agnes and test that the engine was running smoothly. We explored the wilder side of the island and the burial chambers there to return to a wrecked dinghy. Our boat was half a mile out to sea at anchor. There was no telephone signal and we resorted to going to the pub, explaining our predicament and the landlord took Chris back to our boat to retrieve our spare dinghy.
We did sleep well! 
Returning first thing in the morning to St Mary's; we were expecting a call from DPD giving us a time slot for collection of the faulty phone.This never came. The whole day seemed to be spent phoning either EE or DPD.Its supposed to be picked up today but I'm not holding my breath.....

Below are quick sketches done on scraps of tissue paper, scrunched tracing paper and acetate. All done with a permanent black marker.


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Born in Cheshire and gained a Fine art degree at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Postgraduate at Manchester. Work has been accepted for several notable open exhibitions including the Whitechapel in London, the RCA and the Grosvenor..