Is this the end?

I had all these ideas about keeping an ongoing set of posts throughout my stay, illustrated with drawings and images. I didn't factor in that the signal is so poor in many areas especially St Agnes nor did I foresee the emotional exhaustion and upset that we have encountered through an experience with family. Bad weather, seaweed, anchors, torn dinghies and broken phones are nothing in comparison and my head is still trying to comprehend what has happened and even more importantly, why. Currently there is no space in me to consider and develop visual ideas, there just a deep pool of reactive violent emotion and loss.

Sea mists and fog clothe the islands and the land eating sea perpetually gnaws away clawing away the heart.
we are leaving today.

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Born in Cheshire and gained a Fine art degree at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Postgraduate at Manchester. Work has been accepted for several notable open exhibitions including the Whitechapel in London, the RCA and the Grosvenor..